The Dwarves

The Aldbarra Delvers (Mountain Dwarves)


Delvers are the names given to the dwarves that live inside the mountains of Tamara. The vast majority of mountain dwarves are the Aldbarra Delver Clans. A vast network of family clans the Aldbarra social system is complex with immense ancestral trees and genealogical records. Aldbarra dwarves track ancestry to the smallest detail, as their religious system dictates paying proper homage to the correct ancestors. This entire system is additionally driven by a detailed record of offenses, grudges and need for revenge on a certain matter. All of this resolves around an Ald, a central house made up of numerous other large clan. An entire clan may go to war over the slight offense that occurred hundreds of years ago to an obscure clan forefather. War is constant and a daily occurrence deep in the mountain holds of the clans. Clans will rarely go to the surface and some may spend entire decades inside a mountain, dealing with thousands of quickly settled feuds. Those that do go to the surface rarely tolerate other races. Slow seething anger, craftsmanship, long memories, fire and steel are the hallmarks of the Aldbarra. They hate no other race more than that of the hill dwarves of Bae Soo Fang.


Mountain dwarves are usually squat and stocky, standing under five feet and usually have thick powerful builds. They typically have hair in ranges of reds and browns with fair skin that is sometimes tanned by great fires in huge forges. The beards of the Aldbarra are long and thick. They often keep their beards in complex braids with societal status, clan lineage, ancestral symbols and heritage represented by a certain braiding style. Aldbarra typically wear hand carved masks. Each mask is symbol of their Ald and every Ald has a different design. These are seen in large totems that mark the outside entrances to an Ald hall or city. The totems sport various masks that represent the clans that make up an Ald, with the top mask of the totem the symbol of the Ald. Each mask below the Ald mask shows where these subordinate clans are in their social rankings. These masks are usually worn on the surface when around others or at important clan gatherings. They are masters of metal and stone. It is said the dwarf cities are immense structures below the ground with huge ancestral halls and remarkable monuments. Few are allowed to enter.

The Gan Hill Tribes (Hill Dwarves)

The Gan hill tribes of Bae Soo Fang represent the vast majority of hill dwarves. These are a people who build whole communities inside the gentle hills of the great Than Range. Gan dwarf holes are study but luxurious homes built for amenities of a simple life of farming. Great garden vegetables and numerous water buffalos are present in many Gan villages. Hill dwarf gardens are known for huge pumpkins, cabbages and other giant-sized vegetables that grown in the pleasant biomes of the Than grassland hills. In addition to vegetable growing the hill tribes build great quarries in the more mountainous regions, working huge slabs of marble and stone that are used throughout Bae Soo Fang. They are fantastic architects, using their innate connection with the earth to great effect when building the immense stone walls of Bae Soo Fang.

The hill dwarves sport a more dark complexion with hair that ranges from dark brown to raven black. They tend to have not as full beards as their Aldbarra cousins and stand a bit taller. While the hill dwarves sport the musculature of a dwarf they are not as stocky and enjoy a more lean frame. A hill dwarf is just as happy tending to a vegetable garden as he is carving a slab of rock. They have a connection to the material arts of nature and enjoy working the earth. This extends to their martial system that taught to many a young dwarf, Guang Ha. It is said this fighting style draws power from the earth itself, channeling the toughness of rock and the flexibility of reeds. While the Gan hill tribes tend to enjoy peace, they make formidable soldiers and many serve in the Queen’s Army of Bae Soo Fang.


The Dwarves

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