The Endless Traverse

The Endless Traverse is the name given to a vast stretch of wild outback to the south of the Imperia. A vast, tough wilderness that is unforgiving to the unprepared, the Traverse marks the edge of the Imperia’s civilization. Here other societies and races eek out an existence in the shadow of the Elves. The border brushlands are the boundary of the Traverse and the Imperia’s southern frontier. Here a few small villages exist on this edge that do trade with the Imperia and act as gates into the Traverse. Just past the brushlands and towards the east sits the only true city of the Traverse. This is Terminus, a shattered city that was once the capital of the Traverse for a long-forgotten kingdom. Now the ancient stone city is crammed with various denizens and covered in ramshackled wooden structures as far as one can see.

It is crowded, smelly and extremely chaotic. It is barely held together by the Nullking, a mysterious figure who some rumor is half-man and half-beast. Terminus is seen by the Commune as an unholy, heretical place and few elves venture to it due to a deep-seated belief that the land it was built on is cursed and doomed.

In a way, they might be right, as Terminus sits between the Traverse and the Graveyard. The Graveyard is a dangerous twisted landscape of mutants, undead and horrors. Few historians know what happened in the land but there is a rumor that an ancient and powerful Imperia weapon was detonated to destroy a kingdom. It is said that weapon reshaped the land into a terrible thing. Because of the proximity of the Graveyard, Terminus is largely left alone by the Imperia. This allows the city to thrive in a way few places can.
In the middle of the Traverse are the Burning Sands, a vast patch of hot desert where unbearable temperatures soar during the day. Nomadic goblin tribes criss-cross these sands but few else bother.
The Dune Seas are stretch of desert where the Burning Sands melts into the higher countryside creating a rocky, barren land where shelter can be found in caves and small oasis in the shade of a rocky valley. The Mujadeen Clans rule this area, sailing on sand barges and on their mounted Tanthi creatures. The Mujadeen wear clothing to combat the dust and heat, long strips of brown fabric and short pointed spines dot their armor. They often wear their hair in long braids due to religion beliefs. They are master bowman and experts with the kukri machete swords.

The Plains of Solace are a vast salt desert that appears to never end. Few venture into it and no one knows what is truly on the otherside.

The Sea of Pits is a stretch of outback where a few dozen massive sinkholes formed hundreds of years ago. The community of Utupao is in one of these sinkholes and is known for the immense dragon skeleton inside the pit buried in the side of the wall. Many structures are built into the skeleton and the city keep is inside the dragon skull which protrudes out of the pit’s wall into the open air. The sinkhole is several miles deep and the city is built up and down the walls to escape the heat. A spring is in the bottom of the sinkhole and a small oasis where food is grown is ringed around the base. Utupao boasts a large community of red-striped skry-lizard, large reptiles with four leathery wings that are ridden by Utupao warriors and riders.

The Endless Traverse

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