Faucett G'Laud

Half-Elf Pirate Monk



G’Laud is a part of the Order of the Howling Hanuman pirate gang.



Faucett G’Laud grew up as a member of the Howler Monks. Due to his half-elf heritage he was abandoned as a young age by his parents and as such he does not know who his parents are.


He was found by a maester of the Order of the Howling Hanuman. Because he is a pupil of the ship’s maester he has a certain proclivity towards scholarly pursuits, however he very much enjoys the day to day life of a pirate.


When not around his shipmates on the high seas, G’Laud wears a bandana that covers his entire head and the tips of his elfin ears to keep a low racial profile given the Imperia’s attitude towards perceived impure and non-elven species.


He joins the adventuring troop after anti-pirate Imperia forces destroyed his home Monastic ship. To his knowledge, he is the only survivor.


G’Laud prefers the quarterstaff as a weapon and has in his inventory a nightcap that gives pleasant dreams when worn.

Faucett G'Laud

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